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Fall 2013 StorageIO Update Newsletter By Greg Schulz Fall 2013 StorageIO Update Newsletter Welcome to the Fall 2013 (joint September and October) edition of the StorageIO Update (newsletter) containing trends perspectives on cloud, virtualization and data infrastructure topics. It is fall (at least here in north America) which means conferences, symposium, virtual and physical events, seminars, webinars in addition to normal client project activities. Starting with VMworld back in late August, that event occurred in San Francisco which kicked off the fall (or back to school) season of activity. VMworld was followed with many other events including in-person along with virtual or on-line such as webinars, Google+ hangouts among others, not to mention all the briefings for vendor product announcements and updates. Check out the industry trends perspectives articles, c... (more)

Hot Tech Firms at the 2012 DoDIIS Conference

The Exhibitor List for the 2012 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference is up at Many of the firms there are technology firms, which is why this is one of the great events of the year. The text below is based on the current exhibitor list.  This event is getting HUGE which makes it very hard to spend more than about a second with all the vendors. Everyone seeks ways to focus on the vendors that are most relevant and have the most disruptive technologies. I am frequently asked for suggestions on which firms to visit and am working on my personal list of recommendations.  But we are also preparing a survey so we can solicit your views and will be rolling that out in a day or so. The survey will ask you to nominate what you believe to be the most significant technologies, the ones that people absolutely “must see” at the event. We ... (more)

In 2014 Big Data Investments Will Account for Nearly $30 Billion - Eventually Accounting for $76 Billion by 2020 End

DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Amid the proliferation of real time data from sources such as mobile devices, web, social media, sensors, log files and transactional applications, Big Data has found a host of vertical market applications, ranging from fraud detection to R&D. Photo - "Big Data Market: 2014 – 2020 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts" Key Findings: In 2014 Big Data vendors will pocket nearly $30 Billion from hardware, software and professional services revenues Big Data investments are further expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 17% over the next 6 years, eventually accounting for $76 Billion by the end of 2020 The market is ripe for acquisitions of pure-play Big Data startups, as competition heats up between IT incumbents Nearly every large scale IT ven... (more)

Dell Wants Cloud Computing Trademark

Dell, it appears, put in its papers with the US Patent and Trademark Office in March of last year to trademark the buzzword “Cloud Computing.” Its application quietly passed through the Opposition Stage a few months ago unopposed and thus it is now at the point that it’s been allowed but hasn’t been registered. Dell has six months to use it or lose it. Presumably it could do that in connection its Dell Cloud Computing Solutions consultancy unless somebody successfully points out that it’s a generic expression. ... (more)

Beware of Vendor Lock-in Moving From Hardware to Software

I'm always interested when I hear or read a software vendor or their value added reseller (VAR) or business partner claim that their solution eliminates vendor lock-in. More often than not, I end up being amazed if not amused over the claims which usually should be rephrased as eliminating hardware vendor lock-in. What is also amazing or amusing is that while some vendors make claims of eliminating (hardware) vendor lock-in, there is also some misdirection taking place. While some solutions may be architected to cut hardware vendor lock-in, how they are sold or packaged can force certain vendors technology into your solution. For example, the EMC Centera software in theory and architecture is hardware vendor independent, however it is sold as a solution (hardware and software), similar to how Dell sells the DX which uses software from Caringo and you guessed right... (more)

Private Cloud 2.0 – BPaaS

Not yet included in the NIST taxonomy of Cloud Computing models is ‘BPaaS’ – Business Process as a Service. Hopefully it soon will be, as although it is the lesser known and discussed of the Cloud categories, it’s the most powerful in it’s ability to directly impact short-term business transformation and perceivable business value to end-users. BPaaS Where IaaS provides virtual servers, PaaS the databases and other middleware and then SaaS for a category of software like CRM, as the name suggests BPaaS is the next layer up again, where the software is then tailored for a specific workflow and this is delivered as-a-Service. As the diagram from QBOS describes, the key characteristics of BPaaS are: Encapsulate and offer all or part of a business model Add and mature industry practices into SaaS solutions layer Add IP value directly without the costs of development Im... (more)

OpenStack for the Enterprise – Showcasing the OpenStack Ecosystem

We are now working on the next chapter for our white paper Enterprise Cloud Computing, which is entitled OpenStack for the Enterprise. As the name suggests the goal is to provide a succinct but comprehensive overview of one of the technology platforms available to CIOs to implement their Enterprise Cloud strategy: OpenStack. This will span across a Private and Hybrid Cloud evolution and has a primary goal of showcasing the significant vendor program that has grown quickly around the product. Enterprise and Big Data Cloud Computing As well as the general EA principles of Private Clouds, what specific pain point solutions might the enterprise look for from Openstack providers, that the technology is especially adept at providing. For example Ubuntu 13.04 delivers OpenStack with high availability, scalable storage and big data deployment capabilities. Similarly Nati Shal... (more)

Dell Claims Linux Server Industry Lead

For the first time Dell is No. 1 in worldwide unit shipments of x86-based Linux servers, according to the most recent data compiled by market researcher IDC. Dell also retained its top x86-based Linux server shipment position in two of the world's largest regional markets, the U.S and Japan. "We attribute our continued success in the Linux server market to our focus on addressing customer needs through our scalable enterprise strategy," said Judy Chavis, Dell's director of business development and global alliances. "With a combination of performance, ease of deployment and management, our Linux solutions for the scalable enterprise help customers scale information technology as their business needs require." For example, high-performance computing (HPC) -- in which Linux is a popular alternative to more costly Unix systems -- is a key strength for Dell. High-performan... (more)

Dell To Factory-Install Linux

After 70% of the people who wrote into its newfangled IdeaStorm suggestion box said they would use a Dell with Linux, Dell said Wednesday that it will start offering Linux pre-installed on select desktops and notebooks. It hasn't said yet what machines or what Linux distribution or distributions. It promises an answer in the "coming weeks." It added, however, that people posted comments on its Direct2Dell blog indicating that they were less concerned about a specific distribution than about support at the kernel level and getting open non-proprietary drivers. Dell, which is evidently responding to purists, says it's working on that too. Dell says it'll use drivers already in the mainline kernels for as many components as possible. "In these cases, the drivers will be included in your distribution of choice. This includes storage, wired networking, power m... (more)

Cloud Computing: "Cloud Thinking" Abounds at Microsoft, Sun and Dell

Hugh MacLeod's "Gaping Void" Blog In the last couple of months I've been getting increasingly aware of "Cloud Thinking." It's seriously interesting to me. As far as I can tell, all three of the big tech companies I know best, Microsoft, Sun and Dell, seem to be betting a lot of their future on The Cloud. It was even just announced recently that Dell was applying to trademark the term, "Cloud Computing". Microsoft is now seriously planning for the post-Windows era, and you guessed it, The Cloud features heavily. About a year ago, I was at a geek breakfast in London with Steve Clayton and some other folk, including a few people from Microsoft. Steve and some other geeks were talking about "The Cloud". At the time Steve was making the transition from working in the UK Partner Division, to working in the "Software & Services" division of Microsoft, which is how the conve... (more)

Dell Builds its First Thin Client

With virtualization so terribly “a la mode,” the cloud hovering over head and green the color of the day, Dell is going with its own thin client business, an Atom-based $399-to-start OptiPlex FX160. (Score another one for the Atom.) Dell previously sold third-party thin clients. It describes the thing as supporting embedded or streamed operating systems for virtual desktop implementations and says it's fitted with 2GB of flash and up to 4GB of memory. The news came when Dell refreshed its Optiplex desktops Tuesday moving out a bunch of new models it's proposing to sell into what it's described as an increasingly soft market. Dell is trying to get people to upgrade to greener boxes that consume less energy, claiming it'll cost them less money in the long run. The widgetry supports: * On-Demand Desktop Streaming - processing happens on the desktop where data is host... (more)