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DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Amid the proliferation of real time data from sources such as mobile devices, web, social media, sensors, log files and transactional applications, Big Data has found a host of vertical market applications, ranging from fraud detection to R&D. Photo - "Big Data Market: 2014 – 2020 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts" Key Findings: In 2014 Big Data vendors will pocket nearly $30 Billion from hardware, software and professional services revenues Big Data investments are further expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 17% over the next 6 years, eventually accounting for $76 Billion by the end of 2020 The market is ripe for acquisitions of pure-play Big Data startups, as competition heats up between IT incumbents Nearly every large scale IT ven... (more)

Dell to Deliver Itanium 2 Box as HPCC Solution

Dell went ahead Wednesday and, as it's been promising to do, announced a 64-bit Itanium 2 server called the PowerEdge 3250 a few days ahead of Intel's Madison launch. Presumably it'll be one of those boxes that immediately starts shipping then. Dell held back on price and availability waiting for Intel to move, but it sounds likely it will deliver the unit first thing. Dell's only experience so far with the Itanium was a box built around the original Merced chip that proved a sorry affair, an experience shared by everyone connected with the thing. Merced never took off despite the years it took to build it. Intel has had to live down the high-priced lab experiment's market failure and still has to prove that Merced's Itanium 2 successors can cut it. Dell's running with the Itanium 2 is supposed to be one of those so- called inflection points that suggests that the I... (more)

Virtualization with Dell Helps Cure Growing Health Care It Ills

Health care organizations -- faced with a staggering influx of information from patient medical records and billing and claims to data on medical discoveries -- are turning to Dell and virtualization to help cure their data storage and management challenges. According to a recent report by Forrester Research, current server utilization in many data centers is hovering around 10 percent to 20 percent1. By adopting virtualization, these IT environments can increase efficiency and reap the maximum benefits of an efficient IT infrastructure. This efficiency becomes even more critical as the influx of data continues to grow as the number of devices connected to the network, including PCs, RFID devices, and tablet and notebook computers expands. “Many health care IT organizations today operate under the mantra that ‘more is better’ when it comes to managi... (more)

Cloud Computing: "Cloud Thinking" Abounds at Microsoft, Sun and Dell

Hugh MacLeod's "Gaping Void" Blog In the last couple of months I've been getting increasingly aware of "Cloud Thinking." It's seriously interesting to me. As far as I can tell, all three of the big tech companies I know best, Microsoft, Sun and Dell, seem to be betting a lot of their future on The Cloud. It was even just announced recently that Dell was applying to trademark the term, "Cloud Computing". Microsoft is now seriously planning for the post-Windows era, and you guessed it, The Cloud features heavily. About a year ago, I was at a geek breakfast in London with Steve Clayton and some other folk, including a few people from Microsoft. Steve and some other geeks were talking about "The Cloud". At the time Steve was making the transition from working in the UK Partner Division, to working in the "Software & Services" division of Microsoft, which is how the conve... (more)

Dell Unlikely to Get Cloud Computing Trademark

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has reversed course on its earlier move to grant Dell trademark rights to the term "cloud computing." Dell received a preliminary notice on July 8 saying it could have the trademark, but it was withdrawn on Thursday. Dell spokesman Jeff Blackburn said the company could not speculate on the likelihood of the trademark being eventually approved. "We are waiting just for the decision," he said. The Patent Office declined to comment on the specifics of Dell's application, but Cynthia Lynch, an administrator for trademark policy and procedure, said the notification said it was an indication that her employer will deny a trademark or offer an "explanation of what [problems] were identified and give the applicant a chance to respond to that." Lynch said that process usually takes a few weeks. She said, "'s not unheard of, but it's ... (more)

Microsoft’s Azure’s Got Dell Inside

Dell, which Lord knows can use the money, says its fluffy six-month-old custom hardware-and-services Data Center Solutions (DCS) Division is working with Microsoft to build out Microsoft’s Azure cloud. It says the “highly customized” servers it’s supplying are specifically tailored to Microsoft’s physical facility, operating processes and application workload. See, most general-purpose servers come equipped with standard features and components that aren’t necessary in a cloud environment; which drives up the costs and requires additional power and cooling. It also says that its supply-chain expertise and manufacturing infrastructure enables the fast delivery of custom-built, fully-configured rack solutions. The infrastructure Microsoft has been putting in a month is reportedly equal to all of Facebook. ... (more)

Dell Builds its First Thin Client

With virtualization so terribly “a la mode,” the cloud hovering over head and green the color of the day, Dell is going with its own thin client business, an Atom-based $399-to-start OptiPlex FX160. (Score another one for the Atom.) Dell previously sold third-party thin clients. It describes the thing as supporting embedded or streamed operating systems for virtual desktop implementations and says it's fitted with 2GB of flash and up to 4GB of memory. The news came when Dell refreshed its Optiplex desktops Tuesday moving out a bunch of new models it's proposing to sell into what it's described as an increasingly soft market. Dell is trying to get people to upgrade to greener boxes that consume less energy, claiming it'll cost them less money in the long run. The widgetry supports: * On-Demand Desktop Streaming - processing happens on the desktop where data is host... (more)

Dell Offers Ubuntu-Powered Cloud Servers

Canonical has released Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), which will run on Dell PowerEdge C2100 and C6100 servers in an integrated solution enabling Dell's U.S.-based customers to easily deploy Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This standard edition will allow software developers and IT organizations to run cloud proof-of-concept programs by providing an optimized, pre-configured testing and development environment. Workloads can easily be shared with external providers for capacity growth due to Ubuntu's open-source implementation of the de facto cloud-computing standard provided by Amazon Web Services. The availability marks the completion of a cooperative engineering effort to give businesses an easy way to build and deploy world-class private cloud infrastructures that work with the most popular public cloud providers. PowerEdge C Servers and Ubuntu software wil... (more)

Dell, Equinix and Rackspace Collaborate for OpenStack Cloud Computing Demo

"OpenStack provides an open, standard platform that gives organizations the choice of how and where to deploy a cloud, as well as the flexibility to move applications and workloads among different clouds," said Jim Curry, general manager, Rackspace Cloud Builders. "The collaboration of Dell, Equinix and Rackspace to help organizations deploy and connect OpenStack clouds enables CIOs to choose a computing environment that aligns with their business, regulatory and technical requirements." Dell, Equinix, and Rackspace, on Wednesday announced that they have collaborated to develop an OpenStack cloud demonstration and test environment. The demo environment will be available in three data centers: the Equinix International Business Exchange in Silicon Valley, Ca and Ashburn, Va, and the Rackspace data center in Chicago, Ill. The companies also plan to collaborate on add... (more)

Cloud Expo New York Speaker Profile: Rick Nucci – Dell Boomi

With Cloud Expo 2012 New York (10th Cloud Expo) due to kick off this coming Monday for 4 days of high-energy networking and discussions, what better time to remind you in greater detail of the distinguished individuals in our incredible Speaker Faculty for the technical and strategy sessions at the conference...? We have technical and strategy sessions for you every day from June 11 through June 14 dealing with every nook and cranny of Cloud Computing and Big Data, but what of those who are presenting? Who are they, where do they work, what else have they written and/or said about the Cloud that is transforming the world of Enterprise IT, side by side with the exploding use of enterprise Big Data – processed in the Cloud – to drive value for businesses...? CLOUD EXPO SPEAKER NAME: Rick Nucci TWITTER: @ricknucci COMPANY: Dell Boomi 10TH CLOUD EXPO SESSION TITLE: Rein i... (more)

It’s All Over Between Dell and EMC

Dell and EMC have finally split after a profitable 10-year run. Dell's not going to resell anymore EMC products like its Clariion SAN arrays, Celerra NAS servers, Data Domain deduplication appliances and VNX NAS/SAN combo arrays. Instead it will sell its own widgetry in competition with EMC. The Dell-EMC relationship started coming apart in 2007 when Dell bought EqualLogic. Dell's attempt to buy 3PAR last year strained it some more and it's buying Compellent Technologies a few months later for its Clariion-competitive mid-range storage really tore it. There's been expectations of a divorce ever since. The end has now come two years before their latest contract was supposed to expire. In the past EMC product (mostly Clariion) represented 50% of Dell's storage revenue and Dell contributed 8%-9% of EMC annual revenues. Dell has spent upwards of $2 billion the last thre... (more)